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1.Saffron Incense
2.Frank- Incense
3.Cedarwood Incense
4.Spikenard Incense
5.Juniper Incense

Ancient Tibetan Saffron Incense

Nagkeshar is most important in Npal system of medicine and its very popular in Tibet as well as Yunani system of medicine which brings coolingness by smell. Central Asian aromatic and narotic crocus flower arem main source of Nagkeshar which mainly signifies the wealth as well as cosmic herbal for anti allergic. It also removes anxiety fever headache, cough makes freshness and mentally well. because of its goldness in color; brightness the color of human body and aquire goldne completion. Perfectly safe for the inhalation and environment.


Ancient Frank- Incense Incense

"Frank Incense" means Real Incense. It is used to burnt as an offering to the goda and used an aid to meditation in different religious coremonise. It brings a soothing effects on mind. perfectly safe for the inhalation and environment.

Tibetan Cedarwood Incense
Cedar is a semitic word meaning "The Power of spiritual sterngth" and represents a symbol of constsnt faith. One of the oldest aromatic as temple incense in Tibet. A valuable aid to meditation thorugh its reputation comes from steering strayed individuals back on the path.

Ancient Tibetan Spikenard Incense:

Spikenard(Jatamansi) is the one of the best herbs for Vata Dosha in Ayurveda system, it is used in controlling the nerves and out of balance of mind. It is excellent for blood circulation,helping to regulate the heart. Perfectly safe for the inhalation & environment.

Ancient Tibetan Juniper Incense:

According to Ayurveda, Juniper has played a mojor medicinal role in the treatment of many contagious diseases. Juniper was burnt to scare of witches or demons. Juniper clears, stimulates and strengthens the nerves. It purifies the atmosphere and has a calming effect for the overstressed and is also good for PMT. Perfectly safe for inhalation & the environment.

It contains 30 sticks with 1 incense holder. Each stick burns for 60 min


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