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Size:31"L X 82"H   
Material:70% New Zealand Wool, 30% Acrylic
Weight: 240 gram


                                                                     Himalayan Yak Woollen Shawl 

This type of shawl is very popular among tourist in Nepal as Yak Shawl and it is still sold as Yak wool shawl in tourist area in Kathmandu and received the name Yak Wool Shawl. This shawl is made not of Yak Wool because Yak lives in the Himalayan and use only for transport & milk. The Woolen from the yak is use to make glasses to protect their eyes while traveling with yak caravan on the snow to protect from snow reflection & make hardly one or two shawl in the year for private use or for big ceremony like marriage or festival.

This shawl is made from sheep wool imported from New Zealand & Acrylic.


Beautiful soft yak wool shawl.
Light weight and warm.
Camel White weave.
The weave includes two  tones of  Camel White

The product is created with hand-spun yak wool blended with cotton making it extremly soft, warm yet lightweight.

Hand wash or steam clean

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