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Size: 4"H x 1.75"W

Weigth: 30 grams

Manufactured: Nepal


                                                                                             Vajra Sacred-Aroma Rope Incense(Dhupaya)



This  is a Traditional Newari Incense called Dhupaya. It is made by Traditionally with many different precious Aromatic Himalayan herbs. The finely powdered from of the herbs wrapped in the thin strip of Lokta paper and twined forming stick called Dhupaya (Incense). The smoke issusing out of the burnt Vajra Sacred Aroma Incense is believed to attract the gods and hence it has been put to an extensive use specially in the religious fields both by hindus and Buddhists. The spiritual aspirants burns the incense while meditation in order to hold the mind focused on the object of attention. Light a stick from teh thicker end and laid down on the incense burner.  

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