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Size:4.7”L x4.5”W x1”H

 No.of Incense: 24 cones

Height: 2”

Duration of Burning: 30min



Bodhi Meditation Herbal Medicinal Prayer Cone Incense

Bodhi Meditation Cone Incense is prepared on the basis of complicated formulation prescribed by Kunkhen Pema Karpo the great yogi of the Drukpa school of Buddhism and Minling Terchen the treasure discoverer of the Mindroling Monastery. It is a blend of about one hundred medicinal herbal ingredients. This profusely aromatic incende can be burnt in all types of prayers and rituals as an offering to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions. It is also hazard free and keeps one’s surrounding fresh and soothing with a natural fragrance.


Shipping Days through Air Mail (Nepal Post)

S NO: Country Duration
1 Germany,Singapore,Malaysia,Tawian,Japan and China 10-20 Business Days
2 Europe 10-28 Business Days
3 USA,CAN,AUS 14-28 Business Days
4 Brazil,Chile,Peru,Russia and Rest World 7-55 Business Days

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