Brand: Everest Art & Crafts
Product Code: EIS-10
Availability: 1000
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Size:  9"Lx1.75"W

Weight: 135 gram

Manufacture: Nepal

Maha-Mudra Medicinal Herbs Tibetan Incense Stick

Tibetan incense are collectively made out of various aromatic herbs founds in high altitude regions of Tibet and plains of Nepal. This herbal medicated incense is made under the strict control of traditional Tibetan monks and craftsmen under the key instructions of reknowed herbs masters. This incense is widely used Buddhists and by other for the purpose of meditation, relaxation, purifying and offerings. The combination of the genuine scented substances are likewise Anthopogon, spokenard, Harrow, Liquorise, Artemesia, Red $ White Barrow, Sandalwood, Juniper berry, Star Anise, Cardamom, Saffron, etc.


Shipping Days through Air Mail (Nepal Post)

S NO: Country Duration
1 Germany,Singapore,Malaysia,Tawian,Japan and China 10-20 Business Days
2 Europe 10-28 Business Days
3 USA,CAN,AUS 14-28 Business Days
4 Brazil,Chile,Peru,Russia and Rest World 7-55 Business Days

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