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Size: 5.11"

Weight: 100 gram

Manufacture: Nepal

Samadhi Incense Stick Gift Pack


Herbs And Flowers From Holy Places In Tibet

Lake namtso (tib;sky lake) is a holy place where great practitioners such as Padmasambhava have visited and meditated at. Herbs nad flowers gathered there contain the blessings from these great masters and also of medicinal value. The herbbalu started growing on a previously barren mountain after kamapa’s hair was scattered there with good aspirations and are sought after to purify obstacles.

 Holy Water From Muktinath

 84 Siddhas who obtained the realization of Chakrasamvara at Mt. kailash asw through their vision that Muktinath is the mandala of Chakrasamvara to flow into Muktinath and from 100 springs. The water has been said to heal many sickness.Due to the aspiration of the siddhas anyone who come into contact with the water may develop wisdom,fortune,positive energy and be aided in spiritual development


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